Gaia Energy is a leading international large scale renewable energy and green hydrogen developer in Africa.

We are the first local company developing large scale renewable energy projects in Africa, adopting the highest international technical standards with prevalence in more than 12 countries and a pipeline of 10 GW of renewable projects and 80 GW of green hydrogen projects under development

We partner and work together with large utilities, national grid operators and governments to energize Africa.

Gaia has developed a unique process tailored to the needs and demands of emerging countries.

Gaia has offices in 10 countries with a multicultural team across Africa. We currently employ around 100 experienced staff members which are giving us flexibility of action in our markets

Gaia Energy is a private holding company owned by Mr. Zniber Moundir and different investors at different levels of Gaia.

Gaia Energy has established first-rate structuring partnerships for its projects with major energy multinationals such as ENEL, Iberdrola, General Electric, Baywa, Amarenco, …