Our global strategy targets to be known as the most established
RE-developer in Africa.

In order to meet this ambition we have created Gaia branches in every target country, lead by a native professional.

The local branch connects with the governmental authorities, such as the ministries of energy and grid operators. In addition to this, a field approach is conducted by Gaia’s local agents. Their presence enables Gaia to complete its community work and land right negotiation in early stage of development. Due to this both-sided approach, we are able to compress the duration of project development.

The rapidly increasing energy demand in our target countries and the global movement towards sustainability promises huge growth potential for Gaia Energy.



Stage 1 : 2009-2011

Develop a first important wind project (200 MW) under international standards in an emerging country

> Gaia has developed alone the 200 HBM wind project in Morocco


Stage 2 : 2011

Sign a joint development Agreement with a large international utility of 200 MW

> Gaia signed a JDA with Enel on a pipeline of 600 MW of wind projects and 340 MW of solar projects in Morocco


Stage 3 : 2011-2013

Learn from a large scale utility the highest class procedures and requirement to develop a wind farm and adapted to the context of African countries

> Gaia has developed a unique process tailored to the needs and demand of emerging countries


Stage 4 : 2013-2016

Build a 3000 MW Pipeline, local teams and offices in 8 countries in Africa

> Gaia has reached to put up a large pipeline in 11 countries and has gathered a strong and efficient team to support its development


Stage 5 : 2018
> Gaia Energy partnered with IFC to create a joint development platform for the development of 22 wind projects in 9 countries in Africa for a total capacity of more than 3 gigawatts