Gaia energy has a value-driven project development strategy


Early mover advantage and long term value creation

  • Early mover in high growth countries with untapped resources gives GEPA a competitive advantage in terms of site selection, PPA negotiation, and discussions with the authorities.
  • Focus on generating value throughout the lifecycle of the projects from early stage to financial close and COD

Flexible pipeline allocation

  • Platform approach helps to identify priorities and helps to manage the budget and resources in an efficient and cost effective way.
  • Create synergies at the pipeline level generating upside for the investors at different stages of development, reflecting the scalability of the platform, the large size of the pipeline and the standardization of the development approach across countries.
  • Close monitoring of projects allows a continuous review of investment priorities.

Rigorous portfolio management

  • GAIA leverages its development, financing and management experience to de-risk projects and time exits to maximize investor returns.
  • Regular project review to maintain schedule and budget in line with GAIA’s allocation strategy and priorities
  • Risk management at the project level and pipeline level.
Experienced African developer with strong stakeholder support          
  • 100% Africa-based management team with experience in development and financing of renewable projects over the past 10 years on the continent.
  • Support of local teams ensuring on the ground development in 9 countries and maintaining close relationships with key stakeholders and community engagement.
Best in class E&S standards                  
  • For each project, in partnership GAIA develops a road map for the E&S aspects in order to define all the key milestones and studies, including associated costs estimates.
  • The land access approach is based on the principle of no physical displacement of populations, and the creation of buffer zones around existing settlements and structures.
  • GAIA conducts stakeholder engagement in a structured and documented manner very early in the development process.