Gaia Energy provides RE development, reliable investments and specific services covering  the whole life cycle of a project in wind, solar, hydro and biomass.

Our core business is to develop, finance, construct and operate large scale, renewable energy projects in emerging markets. We deliver world class renewable project development under our process « Gaia Process TM ».

Our experienced team possess all the skills and expertise required to design, develop, build and operate renewable energy projects.

Our wide range of services and experience in the sector, enables us to deliver optimal and complete solutions for large scale Wind, Solar and Hydro power plants.

We are unique in our ability to offer vertically integrated skills in a range of sustainable energy technologies. We can take a project from inception to generation.

We combine technical, economical and political expertise to local knowledge, in order to strengthen our macro-economic analysis in the emerging new markets.

Gaia Energy has a financial and industrial expertise, which procures a unique competitive advantage among the project developers and allows a more comprehensive asset management of projects.


Gaia Energy believes that any renewable energy project is based on an analysis of the initial state of the site and its environment. The resource and local environment are key factors in choosing a site.

In consultation with landowners, municipalities and local authorities,
we find the best location for our projetcs, considering mandatory
aspects such as:

  • High wind potential
  • Avoidance of protected areas and major environmental constraints
  • Good access to the sites (roads)
  • Land use
  • Proximity to the power transmission lines or substations

Our expertise is based upon :

  • Cartographic analysis (softwares used : GIS softwares, CAD etc.)
  • Numerical modeling
  • Local land survey
  • Evaluation of the resource (satellite data, mesoscale data etc.)
  • Assessment of environmental constraints - Process of authorization
  • Preliminary implementation - lay out


windograph 2

Our expertise :

  • Engineering, Procurement and Maintenance of measurement stations
  • Measurement and estimation of the ressource
  • Data analysis and estimation of the energy yield. (Software used : Wasp, Meteodyn, OpenWind etc.)
  • Wind Resource Assessment (after one year of measurement)
  • Study of urban constraints, grid network and availability etc
  • Cadastral survey on the development zone
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Socia-Enconomical Environment Context Assessment
  • Geotechnical and Geophysical study of soils
  • Aerial 3D topographic studies (drone or plane)
  • Basic Design for civil and electrical designs and grid interconnection solution
  • Layout optimization
  • Carbon Credit: PDA drafting, assistance on CDM process
  • Assistance on Building permit


  • To reach a wide audience of stakeholders for the propagation of developed wind projects
  • Target different types of stakeholder: government agency representatives and policy makers, Investors/Lenders, technology owners, EPC O&M companies
  • To participate in high level presentations/workshops/conferences at national, and international level to collect business intelligence, enhance networking and to attract investors


  • Feasibility stage/ security package: PPA, guarantees in-house and private funding: funds from debt and/or equity financing
  • Financing/ financial close
  • Contract management/ performance


  • General administration of the running projects concerning the daily tasks and administrative paper work
  • Manage daily operations with regards to permitting and licensing
  • Maintain the link with the local authority and population